How to set up Incapsula Free CDN to your website

Oct 20, 2016 10:16:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran posted in tech, web development, cybersecurity, cloud


I wanted to explore how online providers such as Incapsula can increase my performance and security on my website. So I am testing their CDN Content Delivery Network.

Here are the steps that I have taken to get set up with Incapsula.
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Google Apps for Work is now renamed to G Suite

Oct 8, 2016 10:48:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran posted in tech, google, cloud


I just received an update from Google that they'll be renaming their Google Apps to G Suite.
Their branding also involves adding more of an emphasis to their Google Cloud product offering.
So you'll see:
"G Suite", by Google Cloud
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