About Us


Hi, I'm Vu Long Tran.

By day, I am a passionate technology professional from Melbourne with over a decade working in tech in Australia and Singapore.

By night I am a blogger. I loves sharing my stories and adventures on my blog, vulongtran.com. There I writes How To guides, on Tech, Food, Travel and my experiences within the community with my friends, family and members of the public.

I have, at various points in my life, been a swim teacher, youth camp leader, meditation teacher, served as a host and distributed delicious chicken burgers and chicken treats. I have also been fortunate to be a sailor on the Australian Royal Navy’s Young Endeavour tall ship.

I write here today, as I love to share my stories, experiences and most importantly learnings that I believe will help those looking for it.

If you're wondering, I was originally inspired (or awoken you could say) by a unexpected man he met briefly on a bus. Long, but true story. He summarises that inspiration in his favourite quote in life.