Puppet Learning VM quest tips

Oct 7, 2020 11:04:24 AM / by Vu Long Tran

If you have downloaded the Puppet Learning VM (Virtual Machine) and you are ready to start learning about Puppet via the quests, here are some useful commands and tips to help you think about before you get started.


Puppet Learning VM quest TIPS

Main quest commands:

  • quest begin <nameofquest> - begin a quest
  • quest —help shows a list of commands or help for one command
  • quest list - list available quests
  • quest status - shows status of the current quest


Other useful commands

  • cat README
  • facter ipaddress
  • systemctl --all | grep pe- command to validate that all PE services are fully started, then use the quest tool to restart the quest.
  • restart_classroom_services.sh. If still observe stopped Puppet-related services (e.g. pe-console-services) several minutes after the VM has started, double check that you have sufficient memory allocated to the VM and available on your host, then use the following restart script to restart these services in the correct order.

Here's some examples of these commands in action.



facter ipaddress



Resetting your Puppet Learning VM password:

Resetting your Puppet Learning VM password (that had been randomly generated).

  • The password can be found in /var/local/password
  • To set a new password, run the command: reset_assword.rb

To check the password:

  • cat /var/local/password

To edit the password, you can use a vim editor that will be usable in the Puppet Learning VM and run these commands:

  1. vi /var/local/password
  2. Change your password as you like
  3. Press ESC + :w (writes the change)
  4. Press ESC + :wq (allows you to exit the vim editor and return back to the main screen)

I can't scroll up in my terminal

  • Press control-B, then [ (left bracket).
  • Then use the arrow keys to scroll.
  • Press q to exit scrolling.

Files store in the bin folder on the VM


You can also use the verify_classroom.sh script to check if you have set up enough memory for the VM to work.

About the VM

  • It's a CentOS-based VM that comes with Puppet Enterprise pre-installed.
  • http://<VM's IP ADDRESS> on your host machine is where the Puppet Guide will be made available so keep note of it.
  • If you have any issues and are not live, please refer to the troubleshooting guide included in the readme.rtf file that accompanied your Learning VM download.

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