How to set up your Ezlink enabled credit card in Singapore

Apr 6, 2012 10:24:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

The steps detailed below applies to users of Singapore's public transport system (buses, trains - MRT). It also is for individuals that have a Singapore credit card and is directed towards those with credit cards that can be used as an Ezlink card. This saves you from having to carry two cards with you and to make your wallet that little bit lighter.

I've just set up some basic instructions here as I found myself confused for a while on the Ezlink webpage, so you may find this overview useful. As among the offerings from Ezlink: EZ-Reload, EZ-Online, Top and Tap and a whole bunch of other things, EZ-Reload is the one that applies to turning your credit card into an Ezlink card that you can use in Singapore trains and buses. You can use this process just to setup your normal Ezlink card so it is charged up automatically by your credit card as well.

Some credit cards can also be used as an Ezlink card

Some cards do offer rebates (up to 7%) on charging up as well, and they are currently POSB Everyday Card, Citibank SMRT Card, and HSBC Revolution Card. But I'd say use whichever works best for you.

Before I go through the process though, please just check that you have everything you need:

  1. Confirm that your card is Ezlink enabled - Just quickly before I provide the exact details of the process I went through to set up my card, please just flip the credit card that you think is enabled. Have a look at the very bottom. It should have a CAN number and an Ezlink symbol somewhere. You'll need this CAN number for later.
  2. Check that you have your NRIC/ FIN and personal details ready - NRIC is a National Registration Identity Card and for foreigners can be an Employment Pass (EP), etc.
  3. A valid email address/ mobile number - This is as the application status and collection slip number will be sent to you via email/ sms.
  4. EZ-Reload amount - At the moment you have to go through whole process again (cancel and reapply) if you want to change this amount, so just think about whether you want to reload $20, $30, $40, or $50 for each auto reload. I'd say to help keep track more easily and to factor in the small admin fee that costs $0.25 for each auto reload, the more the better, but this depends on your personal habits. If you often lose things, it may be worth not loading up too much at once or even using this auto reload option at all.

Important note:

  • Any change in top-up amount or credit/debit card number (e.g. When your credit card expires) you need to deactivate the card and apply again. This is noted to take about 2 weeks to process. 

Steps to set up your credit card as the Ezlink card online (follow the term "Ez-Reload")

  1. Visit Ezlink's Ez-Reload webpage, https://www.ezlink.com.sg/ez-reload-auto-top-up
  2. Click here to apply for EZ-Reload today - Read the terms and conditions to see what applies to you. The main thing here is that only you use your card and you're aware of what to do when it expires.
  3. Click Ez-Reload by card - You'll be at the Ez-Reload page now - and assuming you're using a credit card, select the picture and link with the Ez-Reload by card.
  4. Click on I want to apply - You'll be able to read some more details here about the card. The main information I feel you need to know what is happens after you fill in the form Please feel free to read the FAQ if you want to as well.
  5. Click on I agree - After reading some more details about the card and after clicking I agree you'll get to choose your credit card type and then fill in the details about yourself and your card. The
    EZ-Reload amount you'll need to think about carefully as it'll take 2 weeks to process each time you want to change this one.
  6. Submit your application - It'll ask you to confirm your details with your bank. For my card I was asked to enter in an the OTP (One time authorisation) code that is sent to my phone. Now you wait.

Next steps:

  1. Wait for collection slip number to be sent via email/ sms  - I received a confirmation of my application email but the code via sms.
  2. Find a standard Ezlink card machine and activate - You do this by placing your card on the standard scanner.
  3. Select 'More services' 
  4. Select 'Activate EZReload'
  5. Enter collection slip number details - After entering you'll get a receipt.
  6. Use your card as a normal Ezlink card - Congratulations you've got it all set up now! Now your credit card will be automatically reloaded for you when it gets low. You have added credit card to your Ezlink card.
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