The Process to Migrate Your Blog from WordPress to HubSpot

Jul 22, 2016 11:00:00 AM / by Vu Long Tran

You're probably thinking about whether HubSpot is a good place to do blogging on, what's available on the HubSpot tool, how do you blog using HubSpot, etc. One thing that you may have been thinking the most is, if I change my blogging software:

  • How easy is it to migrate my blog? 
  • What's involved in the process of moving my blog?

Well, this aims to build on the HubSpot Academy guide on "How to import your WordPress blog posts into a HubSpot COS blog" through three key steps. 

Let me walk through the three key steps and concepts for this process, including exporting blog from WordPress, importing blog into HubSpot and learning how to set redirects to ensure you don't lose of your current any organic SEO traffic. So,

What's the process to migrate your blog from WordPress to HubSpot?

Well, we do so in three key steps, that is:

  1. Exporting from WordPress
  2. Importing to HubSpot
  3. Reviewing and Redirecting Traffic

Exporting from WordPress

This step involves exporting an xml file from Wordpress
This will include blog post with details such as: 

  • Date of post
  • Category
  • Author
  • Status (Draft, Published)
  • Images

Importing to HubSpot

  • This involves importing the blog posts into HubSpot.

Reviewing and Redirecting Traffic

  • This involves reviewing and checking that the blog post links work well and look fine
  • This is also aims to ensure that current traffic continues to go to your blog posts. Ideally, we do this at three key ways:
    • WordPress site redirects (as required) - setting up redirects so that traffic to your current website links on your WordPress website makes it's way to your new location on HubSpot
    • URL mapping redirects on HubSpot itself - setting up redirects on HubSpot itself, to cater for scenarios where you may want to change your website link naming conventions. For example, www.dejavuguides.com/blog-post-name-is-abc to www.dejavuguides.com/blog-post-name-is-zyx
    • Search engine redirects - that is telling search engines that your website links have changed and moved

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