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Jan 19, 2015 8:39:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

Mustafa is one of my favourite places to shop. I often come here for most of my household basics, in particular I love going to Mustafa for fresh vegetables in particular.

Fresh spring onion vegetables

It's 24 hours and one of the biggest and cheapest shopping centres in Singapore. It is spread over two shopping buildings part of the Mustafa Centre-Serangoon Plaza where you'll be able to find most things you need.

They sell nearly everything including household groceries, kitchen items, luggage bags, clothes, whitegoods, electronics, toys, etc. Probably the only thing that they don't sell are large furniture items.

They even have their own 24 hour post office, and Tax Refund counter inside the shopping centre, helping customers to do the paperwork for claiming tax refund. In fact, they probably are the only 24 hour post office in Singapore.

Mustafa is the best place to find spices from all around the world. It took me a while, but I managed to track down Middle Eastern (Persian) spices such as Somaq (sumac) and Zaatar (za'atar). The former is a spice you can often find on top of hummus (chickpea dip/ spread). It must be one of the few (if only) places in Singapore to stock these spices. These two spices are great to sprinkle on top of white rice, kebabs, and also nice on plain yogurt if eating with a heartier meal. These ones are Greenfields brands from the UK shipped to Singapore.

Mustafa Centre is located  in the Little India district.
Main store address: Mustafa Centre, 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207704.
Branch: Serangoon Plaza, 320 Serangoon Road, Singapore 218108 (Connected to the main store at the same location)

Nearest MRT: 5-10 minute walk from Farrer Park MRT on the North East Line (Purple line)

Best time to visit: Visit Mustafa Centre in early morning to avoid crowds or late in the evening and into the twilight hours.

Prices are generally cheap overall. 
Something I didn't know, but the reason it's generally cheaper is this business approach that they take:
"Prices of products sold at Mustafa are lower than its competitors with a profit margin not exceeding 15%. The lower prices are possible because of the huge turnover. Goods are imported directly, eliminating the need for middlemen. They are bought in much bigger quantities, so lower prices can be offered. The goods are bought at the cheapest possible sources, from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore itself. It is this simple business strategy that has worked for the company since its beginning: "to buy and sell at the lowest prices possible". - National Library Singapore

Mohamed Mustafa and Samsudin Co Pte Ltd

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