How to use Meta 301 Redirect in Blogger

Jan 2, 2016 7:28:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

How to use Meta 301 Redirect in Blogger

To use a 301 redirect in Blogger you will need to add some code to your website so that it can redirect visitors from your website to an assigned destination page.

The type of redirect that we suggest you use is the "Meta 301 Redirect".

What is a Meta 301 Redirect and why use it?

A Meta 301 Redirect is one of most common ways of website redirection. It's called the, "Meta" as the code is added to your Meta tags.

By placing it in the "<head>" section of your website, every time when a visitor will come to your website with this meta tag there, this meta redirect will refresh the page after defined time and then will redirect that visitor to a destination page.

You can set this destination page to any website page. This can be a website page or any other specific blog post.

How to Use Meta Redirect?

To use meta redirect in Blogger.com

Step 1 - Go to your Blogger dashboard
Step 2 - Go to Template
Step 3 - Edit HTML

Now just in the next line after <head> tag in your template paste following piece of code:

<meta content='0;

After that simply replace tech.dejavuguides.com by your desired destination url on which visitors will automatically redirect after x number of seconds.
If you're stuck and not too sure where to put the code. In the Edit HTML area, search for following line:

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

You can add this piece of line below this tag.

<meta content='0;

It can be above the searched tag as well, but you must make sure it is in the headers of your HTML code. That is, within the <head> ... </head> sections of your website.

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