How to find Workday Recruiting WSDL URL on Workday?

Jul 2, 2020 3:14:47 PM / by Vu Long Tran

This is a guide on how to find Workday Recruiting WSDL URL in your Workday tenant.

First of all,

What is the Workday Recruiting WSDL?

The Workday Recruiting WSDL (Web Services Description Language) is the Recruiting Web Service that contains operations that expose Workday Human Capital Management Business Services data for integration with Talent Management and Applicant Tracking systems.

Normally the wsdl endpoint is an xml URL link that looks like this:


If you are looking to learn how to test an wsdl endpoint, you can read my guide here - an xml wsdl endpoint using Postman.

How to find Workday Recruiting WSDL URL on Workday?

Log into your Workday tenant

Search "Public Web Services"


Select your Web Service module

Scroll down to your desired Web Service module.


Select Web Services> View WSDL

In my example, I am looking at the Recruiting WDSL URL. So I select the "Recruiting (Public)" by clicking on the three vertical dots next to it when I highlight it.

Then I highlight Web Services> View WSDL


You should see your Workday Recruiting WSDL now

You should now see your WSDL. Recruiting WSDL URL in my example.


The WSDL URL is the link in your browser bar itself. Example below:


I hope that helps you!

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