How to add your Custom Domain to PageCloud

Dec 19, 2015 7:01:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

New to PageCloud? I'm writing about my experiences and guides to getting set up and using the tool.
If you're like me, you're wondering where to find the information to add your Custom Domain to your PageCloud site. I dug around for a bit and found information on this directly from PageCloud's support pages.
To help you get on board, here is my guide on how I set it up. I broke it up into two parts.

Part 1 - How to get your PageCloud site up

1. Create your site by clicking "Create a new site" in your PageCloud Dashboard
2. Choose your name of your website. 

This will be the name of your new website. This is also an alias for your website.

3. Click "Create" when you have selected the name you want. 

Part 2 - How to add your Custom Domain to PageCloud

1. Log into your domain registrar

Domain name registrar example

This is your custom domain name registrar that currently manages the domain "name" for your website. You'll need one if you want to have a Custom Domain name for your website. If you don't have a domain name registrar, search online for "domain name registrar" as PageCloud does not currently offer domain name registrar services. I personally use CrazyDomains and GoDaddy, but there are pros and cons with any provider. I am leaning towards CrazyDomains for it's simple user interface. But please choose what makes sense to you.
The screenshots and steps below are of my view within the CrazyDomains portal. But it'll look similar with your choosen domain registrar as well.
2. Find your "Manage Domains" setting or similar

2. Then find the your "DNS settings" so that you can change your "A-Record"

Change your A-record so that it points to the PageCloud proxy server at IP address, this is so that you can set your website domain name host to route traffic from "yourname.com" to PageCloud's webhosting server. The webhosting server on PageCloud's servers is only where your website will be hosted.

DNS settings

3. Modify your A-record

A records

Click on "Modify" and update the A-Record to IP address Click "Update" once you're done.

4. Add your Custom Domain to PageCloud

Make sure you also add in your Custom Domain on PageCloud's website hosting servers. You can do this inside your PageCloud Dashboard. 
Set up a custom for this site

5. Wait and your website should be live.

It may take 24-48 hours for your DNS settings to resolve. This means, the servers may take a bit of time to point visitors from your domain name "yourname.com" to PageCloud's website hosting servers.

Then, you should be all set!

Happy PageClouding! 

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