Chi bending - how to chi bend

Feb 5, 2010 1:45:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

I know this might seem quite weird and trivial for some, but it's something that I learnt a few months ago and have only recently been able to share with others at a couple of youth camps. It's quite interesting and intriguing how it all works. I am still learning about it more myself, nonetheless, I will teach you what I have learnt so far.

Others might call it something different, however as I am unsure what it's meant to be called, I like to call the entire process of making a chi energy ball, 'chi bending' or 'chi energy bending'.

I have made a video for you to watch which teaches you how to chi bend (at least this is how I create a chi energy ball), as I'm sure there may be other ways of creating one. This was just how I was taught.

How to chi bend

The basic steps are:

  1. Rub your two hands together (this is optional but helps initially while you're unsure of what you're looking for).
  2. You should feel energy building up between your hands, and it will slowly push your hands apart from each other - let it and then reign it in again.
  3. Continue doing so until you've found a comfortable position.

With practice, I have found you can focus and create it with one hand, so it's quite bizarre how it comes about but you can feel a ball of energy just spinning in your hands. Meditation also helps improve the strength of it as it allows you remain more focused, and to be able to sense and direct your energies more appropriately. I have written a basic guide to meditation if you're looking to learn how to meditate (see basic introduction to meditation)

Benefits include: improved concentration, focus, calmness, relaxation and can help some people to sleep.

For some of the people I have taught it has also become a symbol of 'respect' which I found quite interesting. It is indeed a very peaceful and relaxing activity so perhaps it can be a symbol that promotes 'respect', hope and even peace to others no regardless of your differences. Either way, I know it is something that we can all share together! :)

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