Changing a domain name registrar

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What happens when you change domain name registrar?

When you change your domain name, your current and new domain name registrar will process the request through ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). 
While the process for transferring domain names from your account with us to another domain name registrar depends on your new domain name registrar. There are confirmation steps that you need to complete at your current registrar and your new domain name registrar.
Please note that ICANN's Transfer Policy may prevent you from transferring your domain name within 60-days of a transfer. 

What is a domain name transfer?

A domain name transfer is the process of moving a domain from one service/registrar to another.

How do I change my domain name registrar from GoDaddy to Hover?

Here's the process that I followed when moving my domain name from GoDaddy to Hover.

Step 1 - Make sure your domain name can be transferred

Check on Hover in the Transfer page to see if you domain name can be transferred. 
Transferring to Hover?
It will let you know if it can be transferred. If not, it will give you the following message:
Eligibility for transfer

Step 2 - Submit website to be transferred

Step 3 - Confirm to have your website transferred

You will receive an email to have website transferred. It will look something like the following:

Attention: youremail@gmail.com
Re: Transfer of dejavuguides.com 

Hover, a service operated by Tucows, has received a request on Dec, 2015 for us to become the new registrar of record. 

You have received this message because you are listed as the Registered Name Holder or Administrative contact for this domain name in the whois database. 

Please read the following important information about transferring your domain name:You must agree to enter into a new Registration Agreement with us. You can review the full terms and conditions of the Agreement at the Hover website. 

Once you have entered into the Agreement, the transfer will take place within five (5) calendar days unless the current registrar of record denies the request. 

Once a transfer takes place, you will not be able to transfer to another registrar for 60 days, apart from a transfer back to the original registrar,in cases where both registrars so agree or where a decision in the dispute resolution process so directs. 

If you wish to proceed with the transfer, you must respond to this request. Please note if you choose not to respond by Jan, 2016, dejavuguides.com will not be transferred to us 

Click here to confirm that you wish to transfer dejavuguides.com to Hover.

Step 4 - Confirmation email will be shared to you from your current domain registrar - GoDaddy

This may vary if you're moving another domain name registrar from GoDaddy, but GoDaddy sends an email letting you know that your domain name is going to be transferred to another domain name registrar. 

This is an example of the notice that I received from GoDaddy. 

Domain Transfer Notice
Re: Transfer of dejavuguides.com

GoDaddy received notification on December, 2015 that you requested a domain transfer to another domain name registrar.  

If you wish to cancel, or did not request this transfer, log in to your account before December, 2015 by clicking the button below to decline the transfer. 

You don't need to do anything to accept this transfer. If we don't hear from you before December, 2015, the transfer will proceed and any associated products or services will be canceled. If you wish to approve the transfer before this date, log in to your account and click "Transfer" above the list of your domains.

Step 5 - Wait

After 5-odd calendar days, you will receive an email asking you to approve the move from your new domain name registrar. In this example, this is Hover.

Step 5 - Approve the domain name transfer at your new domain name registrar

Approve the domain name transfer at your new domain name registrar by clicking on the approval link shared by your new domain name registrar.

The below example, is the email from Hover to me. 


To make sure your domain name remains active, click the link below to verify the registration information: 


If you don't click the link above, within 15 days, dejavuguides.com will be suspended by ICANN.
=== Why Am I Getting this Notice? ===
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires that all domain name registrars verify that the first and last name of the registered owner of a domain name is accurate and that the email address is able to receive email. 

You recently registered, transferred, or modified the registration information for one or more of your domain names registered through Hover. Or an email sent to the email address associated with your domain was undeliverable. Any of those things happening requires us to re-verify the registration information.

Step 6 - You'll receive a confirmation emails from your domain name registrars

You'll receive a confirmation email from your new domain name registrar after you have confirmed the transfer with them. You will receive something similar to I have received, as you will see below.

Congratulations, you have successfully transferred dejavuguides.com to Hover.   Your next renewal date is: 20XX-Dec-XX 

As long as your billing information is accurate and up-to-date, we will renew this name on your behalf each year. 

You can now begin managing through your Hover account, Hover.com

Even though we'd like to think that you'll want this awesome domain name forever, in the unlikely event you do want to get rid of it, you need to disable auto-renew prior to the renewal date. To learn how to disable auto-renew, please visit 


Thanks very much for your business. We realize that you have a lot of choice out there, and appreciate that you chose us. 


You'll also receive a confirmation email from your old domain name registrar. Here is an example from GoDaddy.
Sorry to see you go. GoDaddy

Sorry to see you go. We'll always welcome you back! 

We're sorry you transferred your domain name(s) away from GoDaddy. We are committed to providing quality services and products and hope that we met your needs.
If you feel your transfer was in error, or if you have changed your mind, please contact our sales department at (480) 505-8877. They'll assist you in transferring your domain name(s) back to us.† 

Keep in mind that we continue to offer low prices and $20.99 $11.99 transfer rates on some domains.

Step 7 - Enjoy your new domain name registrar

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