Subtle messages and unspoken signals globally

Mar 22, 2016 4:53:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

Erin Meyer, wrote a brilliant piece on understanding the subtle messages in International discussions, something that I'd like to share, as it's definitely worth understanding further.

Her article and book, "Getting to Si, Ja, Oui, Hai, and Da", December 2015 issue of the Harvard Review is a great overview of the complex cultures around the world.

I really like the way she tabled it. Perhaps because I'm a former Market Research analyst, but it's a fantastic way to visualise the cultures and where they fit. It makes it easier to learn about subtle messages & unspoken signals being passed around the International table by country. Though of course, this only touches the surface of our interactions here.

As I learn more about the role of trust in business relationships in Asia, the more fascinated I am by it all.

Getting to Si, Ja, Oui, Hai, and Da chart

Read more from Erin Meyer through her article, "Getting to Si, Ja, Oui, Hai, and Da

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