Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Aug 13, 2014 2:34:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

Scale model of Genting Highlands (from Wikipedia)
I recently with to Genting Highlands, Malaysia for a one day trip earlier in the year. I have always heard people talk about the place but hadn't been there before so I went to see and explore a bit more of Malaysia.
Genting Highlands, Malaysia
The place seems okay. It's a bit run down these days, but being based in Singapore, I see it is a good place if you want to explore and see a bit of nature. I would only go there for a day trip or to stay there only one night and would only recommend this place to those who are okay with some form of heights. It is safe in the cable car, but as any cable car, it swings and does move along reasonably fast. It takes about 15-20 minutes to reach the top and what you find is that it is the primary way for most people to go up. As buses no longer go all the way to the top as they used to, due to several past accidents, etc.
Normally people go here to take their kids to the themepark, to relax at the hotels and to gamble here (as you can't gamble in Malaysia normally and in Singapore you need to pay as a citizen/ PR to get into the casino).
So you'll find family and tourists here looking for a place to relax. 
Cost: Many buses take you here for about 60-70 RM (both ways). 
Tip: It's best to buy the round trip - as I hear it may be a challenge to buy a ticket back from there.
View from cable car as you go up to Gentings
View from the cable car
Map of Gentings First World area (zoomed in a little)
Map of Gentings First World area
Map of Gentings First World area
Candy and dried fruit store at the bus/ cable car terminal
Candy and dried fruit store at the bus/ cable car terminal
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