Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ideas for Distribution and Communication Channels for your Youth Group

Here are some ideas that I would like to share that were a result of some youth work I believe will be useful starting point for anyone looking to work on a communications/ marketing plan for their group.

The example below is more for a youth group that is supported through a local Australian council, so please view and adapt it from how your group is organised and the main goal/ objective of your group.

So here are some ways to promote your group in your community. Use:

Traditional Media

  • Editorial in local newspapers
  • Interviews on youth radio or youth related programs on community radio
  • Editorial in school and community newsletters
  • Youth Services mailing lists (hard copy)
  • Channel 31 (cheaper channels) – other cable/TV
  • Outdoor real estate boards
  • Brochures in cafes etc

Electronic and Social Media

  • Information on Council Website
  • E-flier to all local Council workers
  • Llen newsletter
  • Arts & Culture e-flier
  • Information on Youth Related websites (eg Youth Central, info xchange/youth)
  • E-flier to electronic mailing lists and online networks
  • Information on youth agency websites
  • Facebook – update regularly, increase local ‘friends’, connect with other global, local, national youth committees/groups
  • Myspace - update regularly, increase local ‘friends’, connect with other global, local, national youth committees/groups
  • You-tube (and other social networking sites)
  • Online ‘TV’ sites – for events, arts, youth culture etc

Other Community Networks

  • All local community Youth groups (Recreation, Arts, Cultural etc)
  • Local Agencies (Baywest)
  • Local secondary schools
  • Tafe/Tertiary Institutions
  • General Community Groups (eg Rotary, Lions Club)
  • Youth Services in neighbouring councils
  • Cross promotion with Youth Foundations
  • Job Agencies/Youth Pathways
  • information to all holiday program participants, young people list(youth services)
  • e-flier to youth peak bodies (eg Foundation for Young Australians, Oxygen, YACVic etc)

Action Plan

  • Compile contact lists (both Youth Services and your group)
  • Make appointments/telephone calls
  • Media release (through Council & through your group)
  • Finalise Marketing Materials (your group, then Council approval)
  • Create online & printed versions (including e-flier, billboard, posters etc) & (if possible – short film/footage/promo)
  • Online overview for youth workers (paragraph for council website, youth orgs, other youth worker websites)
  • Online overview for young people (paragraph) for myspace, facebook, social networking sites, event sites etc etc
  • Distribution of all information to channels
  • Update information as needed – when more acts are booked etc

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