Come over and have a meal sometime...

These were such kind words from a friend of mine who I haven't caught up in a while, and for some reason it felt so reassuring which someone says it. A bit like someone saying something similar about catching up for a drink or some coffee some time.

Ah, it makes me think of what a great meal can do, and being quite cold tonight, I'm thinking of some good old warm chicken and corn soup. Oh how much I love food, though I'm probably loving it more as I'm feeling a bit hungry as I write this.

I just think the role of food in our lives is great, it's such a universal way of sharing something with somebody else, whether it's someone you love, someone you care about like your friends. I particularly love the way it brings people together, even if there may be differences in opinions, everyone (at least I believe everyone) likes to have a nice meal, and sharing it with somebody else makes it extra special

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