Raising kids to be entrepreneurs

Aug 17, 2010 5:01:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

Just came across a great video that talks about raising kids in a way that allows them to find and develop skills that they can use in life, particularly for those who often find themselves lost in the education system and drop out. Instead, Cameron Herold discusses how these kids can be raised to become entrepreneurs.

He mentions how society often teaches kids to depend on allowances which makes them expect a pay check and as a result need to work for someone rather than starting their own business. So he suggests asking kids to find chores/ tasks that they could do for pocket money and then ask their parents. In that way they learn negotiation, researching skills and improve their communication skills - essential skills for an entrepreneur.

He also explains that rather than simply reading a story to your child, you should pick a few items and then ask children to invent a story for you. That way they learn creativity and expressive skills. He suggests maybe 4 nights of you reading the story, the other nights picking a few items to talk about.

This whole video reminds me of this book I'm reading called, "How Children Learn". Basically that is talking about how children are curious, playful and inventive when they are young, and then as they grow older and learn how society works, they learn to be fearful, weary and reluctant to explore, play and invent games. They  learn to try work their actions and thoughts to how society works rather than simply being kids. It's great in terms of their understanding of the 'social contract' concept but the balance between that and personal development and growth and the effect it can have is something to consider, and the latter is explained in the book. Since it can make for slower, average or faster learners.

An example in the book was learning how to talk or to walk. As a child with no fears or worries (about what people thought of their pronounication of words or as they tried to walk), they would keep on trying and giving it a go. This practice is important and when a child is more conscious of these they can be less eager to try, and so, we may find that it takes them longer for them to get there...if at all...

He also sums up the traits needed by an entrepreneurial to nurtune in kids, and these are:

attainmenttenacityleadershipsalesintrospectionnetworkinghandling failureboot strappingcustomer service

As well as the need to teach kids these life skills:

problem solvingto lead othersto want to make moneypublic speakingto ask questionsto learn from mistakeshow to sellto never give upto be creativehow to save moneyto ask for helpto see solutionsHe also reminds us to remember that you too was once 'a kid' and that we too can 'make a difference'.

Here's the video embedded or you can view it directly at: http://on.ted.com/8VoK

Vu Long Tran

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