Sailing the Young Endeavour (post-trip)

Feb 22, 2010 4:57:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

Young Endeavour – Vu Long Tran on the V04/10: Sydney - Williamstown


What is the Young Endeavour Vovage program about?

The Young Endeavour voyage provides an opportunity for 16-23 year olds who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to learn all that is required to sail a square-rigged vessel, including helming, navigation, rope handling, working aloft and even command. Individuals come together from across the country and it is often on the trip that we make new friends as we each develop our teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

Highlights/ challenges of Young Endeavour Voyage

The entire voyage was fantastic and I found the challenges on the voyage were also the highlights of
the voyage and these included:

  • Surviving the storms where winds reached 45 knots and swells were 6-7 meters high
  • Climbing aloft and typing up gackets and sails during strong winds
  • Waking up at wee hours of the night to man the tacting stations to change the direction of the ship
  • Trying to meditate and not fall off aloft
  • The greatest highlight was being able to finally jump off ship, after hitting storms at the beginning of the voyage I wondered whether I would ever have the opportunity to do so. I finally got the opportunity on my birthday when good weather came along and was able to fulfill my promise to donators of the charity (Caritas) that I had supporting - especially as I had been able to raise $300 for the charity : )

Was it what I was expecting?
I didn’t expect to leave the ship, but thought it was an endless trip at sea from start to finish, it
turned out we hit land more often than I realised. Visiting Eden, NSW first, Normans Bay (and Mt
Oberon in mine and two others case), Wilsons Prom and Rye Beach for a funny Rye assault row boat

Young Endeavour Voyage Timeline

V04/10: Sydney - Williamstown

Thu 11 Feb - Sun 21 Feb 2010

  • Thu 11 Feb 2010 - Voyage 4/10 Underway
  • Fri 12 Feb 2010 - Heading South
  • Sat 13 Feb 2010 - Torrential Rain
  • Sun 14 Feb 2010 - At Anchor Twofold Bay
  • Mon 15 Feb 2010 - Strong Weather and Big Sea's
  • Tue 16 Feb 2010 - Fine Weather at Last
  • Wed 17 Feb 2010 - At Anchor Norman Bay
  • Thu 18 Feb 2010 - A Perfect Day
  • Fri 19 Feb 2010 - Command Day
  • Sat 20 Feb 2010 - Final Night of Voyage 04/10
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