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We live and share our lives in a world with various organisms all around the world including animals, creatures, insects etc. Too often it is easy for us to believe that we should get that can of insect killer and try exterminating and begin killing all insects which may have intruded on our little space, whether that is in our room, kitchen, in our backyard or simply on the streets. But is that really fair and our right as humans to do so? That is, are we killing them for the right reasons? Or is it more just because they are in our personal space, even if it is just for a short and brief period of time? Is it because it is convenient? Because we like or enjoy killing insects? Or is it our nature urge to do so? Or is it because they are different?

But are they really that different from us? They are alive aren’t they? They have similar desires such as wanting to eat, sleep, raise a family, socialise and explore. I see them as living beings that deserve some respect and space just as we as human beings deserve. Although they may not look exactly like us, I believe they deserve to live provided they do not attempt to kill and injure as may be the case with deadly spider or snakes. Even so, rather than choosing to simply kill or eradicate them isn’t it better to just relocate them to an environment that poses no danger or threat to themselves or ourselves?

I believe that in most instances we have that option. We are given that choice to kill or not to and that there ‘are other options’ to which are available to us which may require a little more effort, but wouldn’t you prefer to allow another living being to live rather than die? I'm sure you'll agree that it better not to abuse our responsibility and to do what is right for all living beings.

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  1. Yes yes yes! I love this blog! If you do some research into invertebrate ethics you will find that many invertebrates such as cockroaches and even fruit flies exhibit behaviour consistent with learned helplessness and depression. There is a school of thought which says that any species which possess opiate receiptors, and are thus capable of feeling pain and exhibiting animal 'emotion', should not be killed willy nilly.

    I too agree that we should not be killing insects. We should relocate them. Do you know that insect spray works because it contains acetylcholinesterase, which inhibits acetylcholine in an insect's body. Acetylcholine is responsible for facilitating movement (amongst other things). Insect spray essentially works to paralyse all parts of an insect's body, eventually including vital organs, resulting in death by complete paralysis and an inability to breathe. What a horrible, excruciating fate.

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". So..... who wants death by paralysis?


  2. Wow I didn't realise that, thanks for sharing that! It is indeed a excruciating fate!

    Feeling so powerless as everything in your body becomes paralysed...makes me think of people in a coma... oh, that is quite a terrible fate...


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