What is life like beyond tomorrow?

Jul 19, 2009 4:08:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

What is life like beyond tomorrow?

There is always so much uncertainty around what we expecting to experience through our day to day experiences. In that, the world changes every day and as an ancient philosopher a Heraclitus says,

you never jump into the same river twice...

Because who really knows what will happen beyond today, beyond tomorrow? 

Even if you have already been through a quite similar experience before. There are so many variables that can change in yourself and your surroundings. As the case with the river where the river itself will change with the currents and wind changes, the time of day, clothing that you're wearing (if any) as you jump into the river. It all can change and certainty will change.

That being said, prior experience can equip you with the skills and knowledge that can prepare you for what is to come however it is by no means a way of allowing you to totally relive the same experience/s. If we can control or mitigate the variations in our environment, then it is hoped that one can ensure that desirable and satisfactory outcomes arise. In that respect can we ensure that the uncertainty that lies within our life beyond tomorrow is something we do have control of, at least in some respects.

This blog aims to explore some of the questions that I have discovered and answers uncovered in life. I will also share many of my experiences and stories that I think would be helpful for you. Because if it's useful to me, most likely, it'll be useful for you too!

So here's more details on this blog.

About Vu Long Tran .com

I believe that each on us are our own journey in life and through our experiences we discover and uncover things not only about the world around us, but often about ourselves. When we read that odd flyer or book, attend that odd workshop or conference, or even just speak to that random person at the bus stop, we can come up with an idea, a thought, a direction towards that new perspective on the world around you.

Using this website as the medium I would like to share with you some of my thoughts and ideas that I have encountered in my life's journey.

I hope that by sharing my experiences you will understand and view things in ways that will allow you to not only positively change how you interact with the world around you, but most importantly, your life - through making more informed and thoughtful decisions. Particularly, as changing yourself is always something that each and every one of us can do, as while we may believe that some (or the whole) world needs to be changed, ultimately it is ' we' that needs to change first. It's by  "changing your thinking and you change the world" which  summarises this thought and is my own my interpretation of this great quote by Norman Vincent Peale which says that when you...

"Change your thoughts [and] you change your world" 
-Norman Vincent Peale US clergyman (1898 - 1993).

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