About Vu

Hi, I’m Vu
“If we only do what is required of us we are slaves,
the moment we do more we are free” – Philosopher, Cicero
By night Vu is a blogger. He's loves sharing his stories and adventures on his blog as Vu Long Tran. There he writes How To guides, on Food, Travel and his experiences within the community with his friends, family and members of the public.

About Vu

He was inspired by a drunk man on a bus. True story.
By day, Vu Long Tran is a passionate marketing and technology professional from Melbourne with nearly a decade of technology industry experience in Australia and Singapore.

He has, at various points in his life, been a swim teacher, youth camp leader, meditation teacher, served as a host and distributed delicious chicken burgers and chicken treats. He’s also been a sailor on the Australian Royal Navy’s Young Endeavour tall ship.

Here is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch but, I’m also available on FacebookGoogle+LinkedIn and Twitter if that’s more your thing.
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Vu Long Tran

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