Bitcasa Personal switches to a 60 day trial model

Apr 9, 2016 11:52:00 AM / by Vu Long Tran

Bitcasa Personal switches to a 60 day trial and paid model.

Bitcasa Personal online storage offers 5 GB for 60 days in a trial now.

Bitcasa used to offer 1 TB free for all personal users of their online cloud storage tool (it works like DropBox and Microsoft's OneDrive). So this is an update on this if you haven't seen it before.

As a long term user of Bitcasa Personal cloud, I was surprised that they just dumped me onto this trial without letting me know earlier. I only received the email below and that's in. I also find this blog post about them changing to a trial model when I do a google search. While I understand why they may need and want to do this, it was just sudden in their communications style, so I believe it could be improved by giving a heads up a month or so ahead then putting people onto the trial, at least that's what I think. So naturally, I am downloading all my files and looking elsewhere.

Overall their service offering is not too bad. They have pretty good cross-platform coverage, as it is available on iOS, Android, Windows, Linux. Though they did have some backlash recently when last year they migrated servers internally and asked users to opt in to move their data within a certain period - and some users didn't see the message till it was too late.

(Here's a text version in case you can't see the image above)

5GB 60-day Free Trial starts today!
Thank you so much for using Bitcasa Drive. We have moved to a 5GB 60-day Free Trial model.

You can read more about the change here.

Your free trial will end on June 5, 2016. Our Terms of Service have been updated to reflect this change.

Don't forget that Bitcasa Drive offers:

  • zero-knowledge encryption to ensure the highest level of security
  • auto-backup for all of your camera roll photos and videos
  • cross-device access and the ability to securely share files.

Upgrade now to get more space and continue to utilize all of Bitcasa Drive’s great features and benefits: 1 TB for just $10/month or 10 TB for $99/month.

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