Sunday, October 14, 2018

MealPal Lazada voucher how does it work?

If you're like me, you were probably wondering what the MealPal Lazada voucher was about?

As it is printed on those brochures you have received from their marketing team members in the city are.

So how does it work? How do you receive this MealPal Lazada voucher?

It is not very clear, so I reached out to MealPal support for answers.

After 30 days of using MealPal, you will receive your Lazada voucher in an email. During my sign up, the promotion was a 50 SGD voucher, so I received an email relating to this.

It sent me to, where I signed up and confirmed my details there to receive my voucher.

So I received a 50 SGD Lazada voucher and it is due to expire 24 Dec 2018. About three months after receiving the 50 SGD Lazada voucher email from the MealPal team.

I did not have any thing to buy at the time so I waited, and when I used the voucher today, it worked as expected. Though there is one important note. You must spent all the 50 SGD in one go.

Here is the message I saw in my Lazada cart when I was purchasing my products. (I had already assumed 50 SGD purchase was required).

The discount code can only be applied once. The leftover amount will not refunded or used for next purchase even if the value of order is smaller than the voucher value. 
If you are looking for more information and you have not read it yet, you can read more about my MealPal experience in this blog post available here My experience using MealPal in Singapore.

I hope that helps you on your discovery of the MealPal subscription service.

Please post any comments if you have any questions and I will gladly help you.

Looking to understand how MealPal works?

Saturday, October 13, 2018

How to submit a medical claim on Cigna Envoy

Like me, your company may be using Cigna as part of their health insurance plan in Singapore. So I am writing this brief guide to guide you through the process of how to submit a claim through their Cigna app.

The corporate version of Cigna that I am writing about is called

In the screenshots below, I am using the CignaEnvoy Android mobile app.

You can also submit claims on their website via, I just find it easier to upload photos of receipts using their mobile app.

Step 0 - Getting access to CignaEnvoy

This brief guide does not cover getting access to your Cigna account in the first place, as that will be something that you will either need to call Cigna directly with your personal details to get enabled and/or work with your human resources in order to gain access to your account.

Step 1 - Download and install CignaEnvoy onto your phone

Download and install CignaEnvoy onto your phone from their website.

Step 2 - Log into CignaEnvoy app
Step 3 - Click on Claims
Step 4 - Click on Submit a New Claim
Step 5 - Choose the family member to submit the claim for
Step 6 - Fill in details for your claim
Step 7 - Submit receipts/ images
Step 8 - Make sure your payment details are added
Step 9 - Sign off on the Legal declaration
Step 10 - Review and Submit your claim

In detail, with screenshots, that is: 

Step 2 - Log into CignaEnvoy app

Once you have logged in, you will see this screen.

Step 3 - Click on Claims 

Select "Submit a New Claim" to kick off the process of submitting a claim.

Step 4 - Click on Submit a New Claim

Step 5 - Choose the family member to submit the claim for

Step 6 - Fill in details for your claim

Fill in details for your claim such as Diagonsis, symptoms, insured country, inpatient (admitted into hospital) vs outpatient (GP visit, non admission into a hospital), and date of treatment.

Step 7 - Submit receipts/ images

Choose the "Take a picture" (to take a picture of your receipt) or upload a photo/ image from your device via the "from device" option.

Then fill in details about the image. 

This is my example receipt example for your reference. 

Note - the system will auto render the image for easier processing on their side. So it'll turn black and white, etc. You need not worry about it, as you just need to make sure the image appeared clearly. 

Step 8 - Make sure your payment details are added

If it's easy for you to do on your phone, add in your bank details. Else I suggest you add these details on your desktop in at the time you gain access to your CignaEnvoy account.

Step 9 - Sign off on the Legal declaration

Step 10 - Review and Submit your claim

Check and review and submit your claim. 

Step 11 - Claim submitted! 

You will receive a confirmation number once your claim is completed. 

You may want to log back in and select the Claims> Check My Claims Status to check that it is in the listings there. As that's what I like to do to make sure the claim has been submitted. 

It generally takes 7- 14 days to get a virtual response. Then you simply need to wait for it to be processed. You will at times receive an email from the CignaEnvoy team if they have any follow up questions on your claim. 

As always, always make sure you get sign off from a doctor and the items you are claiming be a "medical necessity". Though of course, depends on the customised plan your company has.

For Asia Pacific customers like myself, a hard copy letter confirmation arrives from the UK to Singapore. As it is being sent from the UK, this normally arrives at your registered mailing address after 2-3 months. 

I hope that has helped you get a sense of the process and helps you with claiming. Stay healthy!

Friday, October 5, 2018

My experience using MealPal in Singapore

My review after using MealPal in Singapore

You may have heard of MealPal or received one of their brochures from their marketers in the CBD area of Singapore.

Interestingly, they change the number at the end of the link, as they mark the campaigns that they are launching and perhaps the compensation that are paying those folks passing out the brochure leaflets.  It's easy to pass them by, as you may not see the value yet, so I curiously wanted to see if I would make a saving and signed up to give them a try.

Why I started using MealPal?

I wanted to try what folks were talking about and to try eat more healthy and delicious food.

At the time of writing this post, they offer two plans.

  • 1 x 7.99 SGD plan for 12 Meal Lunch (12 restaurants meals for 7.99) 
  • 1 x 6.99 SGD plan for 14 Meal Lunch (12 restaurant meals for 7.99 and 2 hawker meals for 1.00 each)


What does that mean?

1 x 7.99 SGD plan for 12 Meal Lunch

  • You prepay for 12 meals for 95.88 SGD (12 meals x 7.99 SGD)
  • You are able to choose one meal a day worth 7.99 each
  • That is, MealPal works on a subscription basis where customers will pay a monthly fee of $95.88 to receive 12 restaurant meals.

1 x 6.99 SGD plan for 14 Meal Lunch

  • You prepay for 12 meals for 97.88 SGD (12 meals x 7.99 SGD + 2 hawker meals x 1 SGD)
  • You are able to choose one meal a day worth 7.99 each
  • MealPal works on a subscription basis where customers will pay a monthly fee of $97.88 to receive 12 restaurant meals.

How does MealPal work?

You choose meals from 5pm the day before up to 10am the day.
You can pick up meals from 11:30am to 2:30pm weekdays. It is not delivered to you, you will need to pick it up yourself. Generally places will allow you to skip the queue to pick up your food, but you may still see yourself in the "did you just push in?" lens of those fellow work lunch crowds queuing up. As this meal subscription concept is not well understood yet.

What is available on MealPal?

Vegetarian burgers
Vegetarian sushi
Hot dogs
Poke bowls
Hawker food

Screenshots of example options from their app I have posted below.

Where is MealPal available?

The service is available at four business hubs in Singapore - Buona Vista, Novena/ Orchard, CBD area (Tanjong Pagar and Raffles Place).  It is not available on weekends, Saturday and Sundays.

Can I pause my MealPal subscription?

Yes. There is a function to pause your meal subscription. It's quite useful and I highly recommend you explore it once you sign up.

What are the gotchas/ cons/ tips for using MealPal?

  • 30 day time limit to use what I call "MealPal meal tokens". There is up to 20 business days in a month (Mon-Fri x 4 weeks = 20 days) so you have up to 20 days to use your MealPal meal tokens. If there is a public holiday or you are away on leave or traveling, you will have less days to use up the MealPal meal tokens. That said, if you reach out to their support they are generally helpful in helping extend the time, though there is no guarantee and the general tone is this is an early market entry gesture as it may not be sustainable for them to delay revenue for their business constantly. 
  • Put your MealPal on hold before auto bill for next month kicks in - It's a subscription based service, so you need to set the "hold" subscription option before the next month billing cycle kicks in, as you'll be automatically paying for the service monthly.
  • Website does not let you explore before you buy - Contrary to the traditional eCommerce websites that you visit, MealPal forces you to sign up, add your credit before exploring the options available to you. I lost a 30 SGD sign up bonus when I signed up while I was exploring their website (as it is a 48 hour window to use the sign up promotion only). As I was keen to understand what meal options are available
  • You can only one meal a day maximum - This may it difficult for me to handle when I was working to utilise my MealPal subscription after traveling for work for a week and around public holidays. I effectively lost 7-8 business days due to it, and found it more of a hassle to must use my MealPal subscription.
  • You are still picking up your own food - No delivery, and you are still picking up your own food. 
  • Vendors can be more or less generous - My experiences that I have seen from the vendors are mixed. Sometimes it's smaller portions than usual just for MealPal customers. At times I only found vegetarian food options available at my ideal places to eat, if there are some meat options but they sell out really fast. You also will only know what meal options are available the day before. During my 30 day trial, I ate more smaller portions and vegetarian food than I have for a long time. Not necessarily a bad thing, but depending on the options selection, may be your experience of it. 
  • Some vendors are almost always sold out - Some vendors you must fight and wait for the 5pm on the dot and register your meal for the next day, as it simply sells out. I never ate the Lobster roll (Chunky Lobsters) next to my office because of this, even after checking at 5pm, others were simply so fast and/or I assume this particular vendor only offered like a handful of meals a day. It also depends on the savings you are saving, say a poke bowl normally costs 12 SGD, than 8 SGD for it is a steal. There are other options similar to that, though some are 1-2 SGD off or worse, offer vegetarian only options so you get less value from the deal... 

What makes MealPal different from the other food players?

  • You pick up meals yourself. No delivery.
  • They include hawker meals in one of their plans
  • They also offer dinner as well. 

So it is worth trying?

Depends on your office location and eating habits. 

It is worth trying if you eat out a lot and based on your office location you can see if the options there worth well for you. As everyone's experience will be different. As it's like having your office location in a specific part of the MealPal restaurant and hawker center market. 

My goals were to try take advantage of the heavier eating options, though with the general availability and my office location it did not always work. 

Great, where do I sign up? You can sign up using this referral link here. You will receive a 30-50 SGD  voucher to use once you sign up.

Here are some screenshots of the food options available.

Great, where do I sign up? You can sign up using this referral link here. You will receive a 30-50 SGD  voucher to use once you sign up.

Dinner map for MealPal

Here's a dinner map for MealPal.

Looking to understand how the MealPal Lazada voucher works?

You can read more about the Lazada voucher that they offer on my next post too. As I wrote about my experience redeeming that voucher that they are offering if you signed up from one of their marketers in the CBD.