Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How to reprogram your Nespresso coffee machine

How to reprogram your Nespresso coffee machine 

Did you know you can reprogram you Nespresso coffee machine?

I was thinking about upgrading my Nespresso machine to a new one until I discovered this neat trick. So I now know how to change my Nespresso machine so I could make Ristrello coffee without having to buy a new Nespresso coffee machine. 

To reprogram your Nespresso coffee machine is very easy. The key is holding the button you want to change for the time you want that option to pour out hot water (through the coffee capsule part of your Nespress machine).

Let me show you how to do so in this short video.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

How to set up Pages list for Dynamic views Blogger theme

Blogger now has better customisation for dynamic views

If you're like me, you've been waiting for an easy way to customise your layout more for your Blogger.com blog on one of the dynamic views theme.

So for me, previously when I tried to make changes in the Layout Settings, these changes didn't fall through into the actual website very well. That is, when I had the Dynamic Views template set for my Blogger.com theme.

Well, there's still some bugs there, as not all the modules/ gadgets that I have added worked. But the key one that I really wanted to work was.

1. Pages - so it lists my pages of my blog
2. Social follow links - haven't managed to have that up yet

Right now, I managed to get a nice pages view up for my blog. So now I have a menu for my page that's visible from the get go! This is a big change from the viewing options that were there in the past (which are now in the "Timeslide" drop down menu that you'll see in the first picture below).

So you may be wondering how I discovered this change? Well, in the AdSense section of your Blogger.com account, there is a "Customise further with Advanced Ad Set-up" link. You click on that and it takes you to the Layout settings and changes made actually kick in now. Some better than others, but it's worth checking out again.

Let me know how you fellow Blogger.com bloggers go when you try make changes.

It looks like I don't need to move to Wordpress now, as I felt like in the paste, since changes are really happening again for Blogger.com

What and where is Pulau Ubin island in Singapore?

Pulau Ubin lake - mySGmyhome.com
A Pulau Ubin lake (former quarry)
You may have heard from friends, family or colleagues about a place called "Pulau Ubin".  So you're wondering what is Pulau Ubin and where is it?

What is Pulau Ubin island?

Well, it's an island. "Pulau" means "island in the Malay language.
It's an island of Singapore that is a 30 minute bumboat ferry ride from the main Singapore mainland. That's right, it is still in Singapore, so it's a place of santactury and a great place to let yourself be with nature.

It's actually of the  few little islands in Singapore that have been purposed for use as a nature island. As most of Singapore's islands (yes Singapore has more islands) are used for different purposes (e.g., leisure, military, chemical/ energy and waste). In this case, it's more the leisure and nature island so you'll find it is sometimes used for school camps, etc.
I generally find Pulau Ubin island to be great for the adventurous type of person. That is, those who keen to explore nature and bike/ walkways. If you're one of those  really adventurous and sportly types, it's a great place to test your biking/ cycling skills in some cycling and BMX tracks that they have on the island.

You can also discovering a new place on foot or riding around on a bicycle. You can bring your own bike or hire one there.

So how to get to Pulau Ubin island in Singapore? 

There is only one way to get there and that's by bumboats. Bumboats operate from Changi Point Ferry Terminal from about 6am until about  8-9pm. It really depends on the bumboat drivers but normally those are the typical operating hours. Here's my guide on how to get to these bumboats and to Pulau Ubin for more details.

What to do at Pulau Ubin, Singapore?

Pulau Ubin - mySGmyhome.com

Follow any of the many walking/ cycling trails

There are trails in all directions at Pulau Ubin island. With the key directions being towards the east, west and north, with most people heading westwards towards a wetland called, "Chek Jawa Wetlands". There's a diamond cycling track and a bunch of other cool tracks depending on your cycling appetite. 

Pulau Ubin Maps/ trails:

Pulau Ubin - mySGmyhome.com
Pulau Ubin map from Singapore National Parks

Sunday, December 6, 2015

What's a good New Year's Resolution for 2015?

Well, what's in a good New Year's Resolution for 2015?

I was speaking to a friend about a New Years Resolution that she was working towards achieving and an interesting way that she was approaching it stuck me.

She thought about this in reverse.

She turned the traditional New Year's Resolution concept to an end goal, instead of the traditional starting goal.

What this means, is say, your goal for the end of the year to run 10 miles in an hour. Rather than starting to work on that goal come New Year's Day. Start working on it two to three months beforehand and then see how you fare come New Year's Day, which will now be your finish line.

I never have been a New Year's Resolution type of person, but I like this concept. It's a great way to avoid feeling tied up and feeling like you're giving up too much around the Christmas holiday period. Instead, you have been working hard on your New Year's Resolution goals, that it's now a time to celebrate it with your friends and family.

I'm thinking about trying this, not necessarily for the New Year period, but just as a general rule. Thinking about any typical event that starts a goal instead in reserve.

Let me know what your thoughts on this as well.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

What types of oysters are great to eat in Boston?

I was in Boston in September and October this year, and it was oysters season.

Now I don't know if this is the norm, as the last time I was in the US and there was an oyster festival it was after the BP oil spill. So New Orleans had a oyster festival to promote their seafood.

Either way, I was swamped with so much choice of oyster varieties.

Luckily, one restaurant was serving a oyster platter special so I was able to sample a bunch. So I wanted to highlight my favourites from Legal Seafood's oyster platter special.

You will definitely have your own favourites, but if you need help deciding, here are my favorites.

My favorites are:
  • Glidden point oysters
  • Naked cowboy oysters
  • Sandy neck oysters

I liked Glidden point oysters as it was big and delicious. Sandy neck oysters was indeed really Sandy but sweet. I found Naked cowboy oysters had more of a briny taste that I liked.