Mystery tour to the Woop Woop land

A few years back I joined my fellow Lions on a mysterious mystery tour into the country. Where we were lead was surprising, we ended up literally in Woop Woop in a place called Woop-Woop in Castlemaine, Victoria. 

Here we toured a unique sculpture garden and gallery based on Australian colloquialisms and humour.
"When you enter the gallery-tea room, you're in for a fun experience. The extensive garden is adorned with over 100 sculptures depicting Australian sayings, unusual native 'plants, and 'Galvo Country', where three-dimensional figures mix with the 'local wildlife'. There's a few simple activities such as 'lizard races', and 'bush billiards', and seats are provided throughout the garden".
Enjoy the photos - but don't let them spoil your experience, you've gotta see it to believe it. See ya in Woop-Woop land! ;)

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