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Nov 14, 2014 3:28:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

I sometimes am in a rush and can find it difficult to find these Global Crossing Conference teleconferencing numbers, so I would thought I would share these with you if you and your company (or a company you're working with) are currently using these as well. Especially as you need to log into the website to see these numbers (see source link at the very bottom of this post).

*Please note that the numbers shared here may not be applicable (as they note that it depends on the associated with your Ready-Access subscription). So it is best to test it out first if you can.

This is updated - November 2014.

Global Conference Dial-In Numbers (Toll Free and Local Toll Access)
Ready-Access service provides international toll free/free phone numbers that allow you to conference from international locations. Global Conference Dial-In Numbers offer on-demand convenience for local, regional and global conferences for both Chairpersons and Participants with 24X7 Customer Care support. See below for the Global Conference Dial-In Numbers that are associated with your Ready-Access subscription.
Help Desk

Level 3's Customer Care Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Visit their Contact Us page for a list of global Customer Care Help Desk toll-free/freephone numbers.

Global Conference Dial-In Numbers

See below for Global Conference Dial-In Numbers that are associated with your Ready-Access subscription*. Click on the country name to link to a list of access options for that country's Global Conference Dial-In Number.

Country Toll free number Toll number *On-net
ARGENTINA(ARG) 08008000337 
AUSTRALIA(AUS) 1800458762  390344160 
AUSTRIA(AUT) 080088663244 
BAHRAIN(BHR) 16198969 
BELGIUM(BEL) 080039381  027924537 
BRAZIL(BRA) 08008922134 
CANADA(CAN) 8006332131 
CHILE(CHL) 12300203915  225994991 
COLOMBIA(COL) 018005181882 
DENMARK(DNK) 80703113  46944099 
FINLAND(FIN) 0800773435  0923194424 
FRANCE(FRA) 0800944152  0174180236 
GERMANY(DEU) 08001111356  030700150779 
GREECE(GRC) 0080016122058623 
HONG KONG(HKG) 800964223  30508738 
HUNGARY(HUN) 0680017204 
INDIA(IND) 0008001006697
IRELAND(IRL) 1800719949  16530808 
ISRAEL(ISR) 1809258623 
ITALY(ITA) 800182701  0200617514 
JAPAN(JPN) 00531160593  0357679390 
JORDAN(JOR) 080022843 
MALAYSIA(MYS) 1800814641 
MEXICO(MEX) 0018005143345 
NETHERLANDS(NLD) 08002658239  0107988744 
NEW ZEALAND(NZL) 0800451586 
NORWAY(NOR) 80057413  21033677 
PANAMA(PAN) 008002261161  8366139 
PHILIPPINES(PHL) 180011101075 
POLAND(POL) 008001114977 
PORTUGAL(PRT) 800789337 
QATAR(QAT) 00800100155 
SAUDI ARABIA(SAU) 8008142061 
SINGAPORE(SGP) 8001011842  65792809 
SLOVAKIA(SVK) 0800606244 
SOUTH AFRICA(ZAF) 0800981695 
SPAIN(ESP) 900800477  917911850 
SWEDEN(SWE) 0201400581  0114966433 
SWITZERLAND(CHE) 0800700280 
TAIWAN(TWN) 0277457258 
TURKEY(TUR) 00800142059007  2169001729 
UKRAINE(UKR) 0800500819 
UNITED KINGDOM(GBR) 08004960435  02079041863 
UNITED STATES(USA) 8006332131  9172102627 
*On-net numbers may not be available in all areas of the countries indicated.

Source: https://conf.cfer.com/portal.html?view=gos (only works for users of Level 3 Global Crossing) 

Other notes: To listen to and manage recordings from the Global Crossing teleconferencing tool, go to https://cc.callinfo.com/cc/ams/Index.do and log in. There was a good voice recording croppping tool inbuilt into it if you look around carefully enough. 

The note from the website here is that it: "allows you to record and playback conference calls. Through a comprehensive web-based archive management system, you can manage recorded conference calls (e-mail, playback, delete, download, etc.) - Level 3 Collaboration Services"
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