Thursday, March 6, 2014

10 Tips to Effective Public Speaking

10 Tips to Effective Public Speaking (how it is said)
This is some notes that I took some time ago, from a careers session that was presented by Market Australia.

  1. Know the room (environment)
  2. Know the audience
  3. Know your material (compent in material) (creditability)
  4. Dress better than the people you are presenting to (perception)
  5. Tell a complete story (conflict = drama). Control the atmosphere, by using techniques such as talking slower which can invoke sincerity.
  6. Punctuate with anecdotes
  7. Pause for effect (audience feels it)
  8. Eye contact
  9. Be enthusiastic
  10. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Get close to perfection as you can, otherwise you are cheating yourself. 

Other notes: Watch your mannerism, try to relax and release tense muscles and use humour appropriately.

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