To make a living and make a life

Jun 30, 2013 2:40:00 AM / by Vu Long Tran

Winston Churchill

"We make a living by what we get
but we make a life by what we give"

- Winston Churchill

That's true. While at times we can be lost in some of the ambitions and goals that we are encouraged by society to pursue (to earn a living), we should always remember that we do need to ensure we give back to others (to make a life worth living).

Everyone has their own story and journey. If you look deeper, you may find that the people you will meet may not always have the resources to seek dreams and ambitions. So I believe we should always look to share and help others where we can, so that they can have a chance at realising their personal goals.

Churchill's quote also reminds me of my favourite quote, that is:

"If we only do what is required of us we are slaves, the moment we do more we are free" - Cicero, Greek philosopher

You can read more about this quote, in my blog post on doing more to be free

Vu Long Tran

Written by Vu Long Tran

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