Average Singaporean income per month

Feb 24, 2013 1:45:00 AM / by Vu Long Tran

What is the Average Singaporean income per month?

I went to a seminar today and was shared some rough figures on the average Singaporean income per month. I believe this was for 2012. I do not know how reliable these figures but thought it was interesting enough to note and share.

Please do post if you can confirm any numbers shared in the seminar, you can do so anonymously if you wish.

From the general population (per household member):

  • 80.7% earns less than or up to 5,000 SGD a month
  • 13.8% earns 5,001 - 10,000 SGD a month
  • 5.5% earns 10,001 SGD a month*
  • Top 1% earns  50,001 SGD a month?

*The numbers shared to me does not specify where the remaining percentage fits (to total 100%), but I assume it is most likely where the 10,001 a month should end before we look at the 50,001 numbers.

Without spending too much time, to try quickly confirm the numbers a little I visited the Statistics Singapore website.

  • In 2012 Average and median monthly household income from work per household member among resident households (including employer CPF contributions) was:
  • $2,852 SGD *

Update 14th Sep 2013: Thanks Jonathan and Ryan. I have updated the first point to "80.7% earns less than or up to 5,000 SGD a month" from "80.7% earns 5,000 SGD a month". As with the 50,001 SGD a month figure, that was the figure quoted in the seminar - so to help make sense of it, I believe it refers to other income in addition to the standard monthly salary - i.e., income from investments such as shares, rental property, etc.

Update 6th Sep 2015: Here is a copy of the entry level incomes for graduates from HayGroup. This is an article published in 2014.

Average entry-level monthly salary in 2014 - Singapore
Uniquo Singapore retail apparel store pay ~1600 SGD a month, 6.70 SGD an hour
McDonalds Singapore fast food restaurant minimum pay salary ~5 SGD an hour

Related link/s:
My figures are hearsay as they were only quickly mentioned in a seminar, please find the following links that give you a more accurate and wider picture around the numbers.

*Statistics Singapore website under "Key Household Income Trends, 2012" and looking at the T8 tab - http://www.singstat.gov.sg/pubn/catalogue.html#hhldincome)

Please feel free to share any other confirmation points if you have any.

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