Living through the lives of others

You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can't possibly live long enough to make them all yourself. - Sam Levenson 

Very true, that must be why I love reading biographies and autobiographies. While these stories can be sometimes bias and show one perspective of how one has seen situations life, it offers you a new perspective on the world through their eyes as well as the observers eyes.

You learn what's important for them, some of the challenges they've faced and how they've dealt with them, some of the mistakes they've made as well as all their successes. All the things that make each and every one of us human. While many of the people you'll read about are quite famous, renowned, and you'll find your everyday friends, family, and even colleagues have achieved something special in their lives - whether big or small.

I think that's partly why I like hearing other people's stories, as it's always interesting to hear and feel the passion they have when they share their story. Everyone has a story to share, no matter where they are from and how underprivileged or privileged they are, there are challenges that we all face and I think feeling that connection in itself is special.

In a way, we can feel as through we live through others, and in return we can share our mark and hopefully that can inspire and guide each other.

So take the time to listen to the stories from others, not only their mistakes but their successes, and in that way you will find that you have lived not only your own life but also through the lives of your fellow people around you as well - as a person is a person through other persons...

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