Is it easy to leave the rat race?

Mar 24, 2012 12:39:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

That's one question that has been in mind for a while. However with the constant demands that are required of us by our friends, our family, our colleagues, our society. It always seems difficult to do so.

Some say you create your own successful business, become wealthy and retire and that's the answer. But is that really it? Do we reallly always have to follow the money?

I have seen what money does to people and one thing I am eager to ensure is that my decisions are not lead by money, rather, I make my own decisions and whether money follows or not is a latter concern. I feel that as long as I cover my basic human needs I believe I would feel and be happy. But with so many others with a different mindset to my own, it can be challenging to see how that value and priority system can take hold. As it is quite easy to fall into the temptation and needing that next new thing (see wants vs needs post).

I always wonder at some of the experiences that I've been quite privileged to experience. My travels, opportunities, my great friends, family, and the like. Yet through it all, I feel as though there is more to life than meets the eye. I've spoken to many people and thought (i.e., that there is more to life than meets the eye and the way we're living it) perhaps it was the human instinct in most, if not all of us, but we often choose to ignore it because we get lost in the 'pressing matters' of today.

Even those so called 'pressing matters' of today seem as something that we in society have created for ourselves. I like to call it, a world that we have created for ourselves and if you've seen the movie - The Matrix, it's a world that keeps us happy - but in reality we actually are only been given our basic human needs to survive.

Because if you think carefully, in the caveman days, the only thing people worried about was food, family and friends within the tribe. Ensuring that the next meal was coming in, there was shelter and that there was enough for everyone.

Now we're worried about whether we get that report or assignment in in time, that we didn't get a raise, a promotion, that new toy, that new car, etc. Yet in places I've seen around in my travels, there are people that all that they worry about is ensuring that make enough for their next meals. That's it. Yet for us, we have fulfilled that hunger 'need', now we're busy focusing on fulfilling our 'wants'.

'Wants' that only keep a satisfied in lieu of the next 'want', the next 'want' and the next 'want'... And that's often why we all find ourselves in the rat race, yet I feel as though my life was and is not meant to be constrained within this way. So is there a way out?

I'm not too sure at the moment, as beyond this, can we truly find more meaning to our lives? I hope in time we'll all discover that answer...

Here's a nice quote to leave you with:
"Most people spend their whole lives climbing the ladder of success only to realize, when they get to the top, the ladder has been leaning against the wrong wall".- Stephen Covey

Vu Long Tran

Written by Vu Long Tran

Solutions Engineer APAC @pymetrics . ex-@Forrester consultant. Tweeting on #cloud, #cybersecurity, #equality and #tech tinkering!

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