Teach as you would like to be taught

In one of my past lives I was a swim teacher and one of my student of mine said once to me that I am "an awesome swim teacher" (Student Gemma), but I wondered how?

My thoughts were that perhaps I try to make things fun, made sure that my students near the basics and then advanced to the more challenging aspects of a swimming style. I wanted to make them feel involved, a part of something and most of all I wanted them enjoy the experience and prepare them for the real thing one day - the ocean.

As every teacher as their own style and approach to teaching I think the central theme for my teaching is I taught how I would like to be taught if I was learning how to swim myself. I thought about how it would be received on their side as a student, i.e. putting myself in their shoes. So my technique to teaching is to teach as you would like to be taught. 

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