It's the ending of an exhibition, but also the start of a journey...

Sep 17, 2010 6:58:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

Early this week marked the end of a journey for 16 participants part of WYPIN (Western Young People's Independent Network)'s photography program, but for them it would be only the beginning...

Themed, 'Visions of the West', the exhibition showcased the 8 week's worth of photography work by these young photographers coming from varying levels of experiences from the beginner, to the intermediate and more advanced. During the short introductory program each participant were equipped with an SLR camera each, some only holding one for the first time.

They were taught the basic technical camera details and considerations such as lighting and focus, and used any tool and resource they could find from magnifying glasses to coloured cellophane, and even the odd sunglasses. As almost anything can be used to offer that different perspective of our world and be captured on film. It was certainty a challenging yet fun experience and each were guided towards a central theme which each participant were free to choose themselves.

As a part participant from their program myself and only returning as a facilitator. Following completion of the program, participants are encouraged to continue their pursue their interest in photography as they see fit.

Some will carry on their photography in the more formal sense, seeking to find and equip themselves with an SLR camera (some were fortunate enough to earn vouchers towards their first purchase) and to go out and take photos for another exhibition, for events such as weddings, etc. While others, like myself will apply our skills and knowledge (or in my case, informed trial and error skills) into practice at that odd occasion - whether at a friend's party, on a night out, at a concerts, or even at the local park.

Equipped with cameras (if they're eager enough, or often in my case, my mobile phone), they will take better and more thought out photos. Whichever way each these participant chooses to equip themselves with it is hoped that they will understand that it's not only the tools that one has to take photos with, but the way in which the tools are used which will result in photos that capture that moment - a moment from the perspective that a photographer has intended or hopes to show...


Here's a nice quote to go with this as well:
"Eventually the weapon in and itself is meaningless without the proper applications of its virtues by the warrior" - Miyamoto Musashi

Vu Long Tran

Written by Vu Long Tran

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