Victoria Police Youth statistics 2009 - 2013

Apr 23, 2010 1:32:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

I was just browsing when I came across an interesting report from the Victoria Police which details their approach towards youth and their strategies to work with them better.
There were some statistics and points mentioned that I has struck me, particularly the first one really sticks in my mind as I have had that mentioned to me a few times before.
Here are some highlights of the report:
  • Young people aged under 14 years at the time of first contact with police, have significantly longer involvement with the criminal justice system than those who are aged 14 years and over at the time of their first contact.
  • While the overall level of repeat victimisation has declined since 2000, children under the age of 10 continue to have the highest rate of victimisation of young people under the age of 24.
  • The relationship between alcohol, crime and violence is complex. While intoxication does not always lead to offending, it is estimated that 47 per cent of all assault offenders and 43 per cent of all assault victims, were intoxicated prior to the event.
  • Violent behaviour within the home is also a significant issue for young people. Since 2000 there has been substantial increases in the number of young people both as victims (91%) and offenders (85.8%) in family violence related incidents. Evidence suggests that children who are exposed to violence in the home have an increased risk of violence within future personal relationships.
  • Young people who are connected to the community and feel that they have the ability to participate in decision making processes are less likely to experience disengagement.They are also less likely to participate in anti-social and criminal behaviour.


Victoria Police Child and Youth Strategy 2009 to 2013, Last accessed April 23, 2010,
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