It's all in the mind...

Nov 24, 2009 3:22:00 PM / by Vu Long Tran

They say, 'it's all in the mind', and this injured lady proved it walking and powerwalking from Docklands all the way to Donvale (i.e. if she made it). I witnessed her presence at the 20km checkpoint during a 50km Upstream Foundation fun run/ walk where I was helping man by ensuring that participants had adequate food, water, and sunscreen!

Now it's not often that you'll see an injured lady (she had pretty much a plastic like plastered leg) undertaking such a course, but it was more so that she was overtaking a group of fitness club (I won't quote the fitness club as I'm sure they would be quite embarrassed for me to quote their name) participants, but here during the event I did. It wasn't as though the fitness club folk weren't capable, in fact, they were more than capable, it's just that they were pretty much dead last and that it appeared that this was a case of the case of the bunny (well bunnies) vs the turtle.

This story has the gentle but injured lady persisted along her way towards Donvale, while the bunnies were dawdling, taking enormous breaks and moving on only quite close to closing time for our checkpoint stand. This lady would have been at least a hour or so in front of them, yet it was her mindset, courage and will to continue that I truly admire.

Now I can't be certain of the outcome of this story as I had to leave soon after the checkpoint 2 was closed, except that I know that the course does get quite tough later on with numerous hills and the fearce battle with the battering heat as it was past midday. I expect that she would have still finished up before them, as I anticipate that they underestimated the course and rested too much too soon, and with the sun, that would have made things worse.

Vu Long Tran

Written by Vu Long Tran

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