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On grass...

Someone once told me that in the past to have grass was a privilege and often a sign that you are royalty, associated with royalty in some way, or at least well off like one.

As it was rare to have that extra bit of space in the UK, so over there, you will notice that footpaths often don't have grass alongside them (so I'm told - as I haven't actually been there before!). You would find grass in parks  but in the past these parks weren't open to the public and instead were reserved for the privileged.

Thinking about where Australia was colonised from, with the abundance of grass outside most of our homes, perhaps it was our previous land owner's desire to have that privilege and now we have grass everywhere in sight.

So I don't know if it's true, as I can't say I feel 'royal' as I cut the endless amount of grass in my front and backyard. But it's something interesting to think about and appreciate the grass that you do have, even as we approach our annual spring mowing season...

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