Friday, September 25, 2009

Childhood memories

Do you find it hard to remember what you did yesterday or even today? Yet memories from your childhood, like that time when you were riding that bike as a kid down the street, eating that favourite ice cream etc. Why is it that we find it so easy to remember and recollect the moments of these?

Why is that? Why are childhood memories so easy to remember? Why is it that simple childhood memories seem to embed themselves into us so much more than other adult memories? Could this something that is physical or mental related? In that the structure of our brain and how it is developing affects our memory? Is it that as we get older, we forget more? But how is it that old people can still remember their childhood memories so well as though it was yesterday?

Can it be that we remember more easily as a child since you’re meant to learn things (like a new language) much easier and faster as a child than when you are older? I.e. you can capture, learn and absorb more from your surroundings and from the world when you’re younger.

Perhaps it is because they have nothing to worry about, that their minds are clearer and purer as they are more carefree. They have fewer responsibilities, and heaps of time to let their minds just wonder... Could this be why young people seem to be so creative than older people? But what about those older people who are quite creative and inventive? Could it be that they’ve learnt to simply let go and revert their minds back to the childhood days?

Either way, it seems to me that letting go of the stresses that society has put forward to us is the answer to at least allowing yourself to be more relaxed, calm and healthy. As time isn’t meant to be spent worrying about all the common stresses in our westernised life, particularly by the man made stresses that I believe are apparent in our society that seem to clutter the minds of so many, such as worries about money, jobs, and trying to accumulate so much wealth...

If we take a step back and look at what is truly important in life and what we truly need, then you will see that life isn’t as bad as you think. The fact that time can heal the mind is an example of how it is just our reality of a time in our lives which may be tough but it simply appears tougher than it is.

I’d say it’s best to stay happy, and appreciate the gift of life as it is and to let go. Hopefully, by doing that, it won’t simply be the childhood memories that you will remember, but also the memories of today. Because today is where you are, and today, is what you should live for!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Every bit counts...

For most of us, life always seems to get busier and busier each day, and while we always try to find the time to do things, there doesn't ever seem to be enough time in the day to 'do it all'.

As, Douglas J Soccio mentions in his quote:
"Experience suggests that though we cannot do everything, we can always do something"

This is true, as we can't specialise and be experts in everything so we must decide on what we would like to spend most of our time working on improving and expanding our skills and knowledge in, i.e. while we can't do everything we can always try to do something!

Understanding the limited time that I have, I personally have been looking to do things that I've always wanted to do, as I believe there's more to life than what the society that we live in has been telling us to do, i.e. the typical, we must go to school, get a job, get married, have a family, accumulate this and that, etc. Whilst these are indeed things that we should look at achieving in one way or another, I'm one to believe that we should also get out there and try make a difference in this world, no matter how small it may be or appear - as every little bit counts!

As one of my favourite quotes from the ancient philosopher Cicero mentions: 'If we do only what is required of us we are slaves, the moment we do more we are free.'

So whilst you can and inevitability carry out the activities and duties that society directly or indirectly encourages us to do, there will always be something else that one can do, i.e. 'to do more'. For me that is understanding my skills and knowledge and how I can use that to help those around me. As not everything is as fortunate and priviledged as ourselves in this world. I believe that we are quite lucky with the lifestyle we have and should be always endeavouring to do what we can for others - particularly whilst capitalising on the skill sets that society has helped us to develop.

Keeping that in mind, I would encourage you to focus on the things you love and enjoy, whilst also finding a way to encourage and assist in the development and improving the lives of others. Through that means, you will find that you are free, as you are truly doing more than what is required of us and always do something!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Utopian dreams have no place...

Life is always full of uncertainty. We never know whether we have enough right information to make those key decisions that we need to in our everyday lives. But how much information is enough? Should we truly be waiting for all the information to come through? Or is that too late?

Machiavelli argues that men seldom find themselves in ideal situations, and therefore, they must settle for what is possible rather than for what is ideal. Utopian dreams have no place in Machiavelli's political realism, "for how we live is so different from how we ought to live that he who studies what ought to be done rather than what is done will learn the way to his downfall rather than to his preservation." - Machiavelli

I must agree, as although one desires all the knowledge one could possibility get before making that key decision, there will always be uncertainies and variables that will in play that will ineviability be there, and if you wait it'll generally be too late to respond efficiently and effectively enough. The perfect utopian dreams, although very desirable and something that one can certainty have as a goalpost towards working towards, may always be impossible to achieve. That being said, sometimes the impossible does become possible, but for most situations in life that isn't the case...

Knowing how much and when it is the right time to make decisions will always be the most difficult decision to make. So what one should always look at the resources that are available to us in life and apply it as best we can to the situation at hand.